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New features in
DvdReMake v3.

"One-click" menu bypass

"Customize menu background"

" Put two DVDs to one disk keeping original menus "

   DvdReMake v2 development history  

All new features and bug fixes in latest releases are listed below. Please note, this list includes only those changes between the current production release and the previous production release.

Note: Advanced editing mode is not available in DvdReMake 2.X. All features which require good knowledge of the DVD structure are moved to DvdReMake Pro.
Version 2.6.1 - 23 Feb 2005
title's attributes set incorrectly in some cases, may result in playback problems
Version 2.6.0 - 16 Feb 2005
problems importing some multiangle disks
Version 2.5.9 - 23 Dec 2004
"autobypass" of hidden material may break navigation of some rare disks
Version 2.5.8 - 08 Dec 2004
incorrect angles order on some disks
error loading projects saved with some old versions
Version 2.5.7 - 07 Nov 2004
pauses during playback
Version 2.5.6 - 05 Nov 2004
several internal changes and bugfixes
Version 2.5.5 - 26 Oct 2004
problems importing/loading second disk
Version 2.5.4 - 18 Oct 2004
playback time computation problems
Version 2.5.3 - 13 Oct 2004
improvements to autobypass procedure
modifications to PGC cell category export
playback time computation problems
Version 2.5.0 - 01 Oct 2004
improved correction of the navigation commands when stripping angles, splitting cell, etc.
Version 2.4.4 - 23 Sep 2004
save panes layout between sessions
main window is restored as normal after export (even if it was maximized)
Version 2.4.3 - 19 Sep 2004
bug introduced in 2.4.1 which can cause program crash while processing multiangle (or seampless branching) disks
Version 2.4.2 - 17 Sep 2004
implement keyboard shortcuts in DvdTree pane
Version 2.4.1 - 15 Sep 2004
PGC program entries are exported incorrectly if first program does not start with first cell
implement keyboard shortcuts in DomainContent pane (navigation and actions)
Version 2.4.0 - 10 Sep 2004
split cell at user selected place inside cell (together with "cut to" and "cut from" can be used to cut commercials, etc inside a cell)
better button segments analysis (button properties are also taken into account)
improved autobypass algorithm (take cell commands into account)
faster video parsing for preview
Version 2.3.4 - 25 Jul 2004
problems with some dvds using seamless playback
Parental Mask field in VMG Titles Table is not initialized
much faster Time Map creation
Version 2.3.2 - 22 Jul 2004
minor improvements to export procedure
Version 2.3.1 - 21 Jul 2004
some minor changes to "autobypass" procedure
Version 2.3.0 - 17 Jul 2004
write warning to log file instead of aborting export when some noncritical problems with fwd/bwd search offsets are found in original disk
Version 2.2.3 - 10 Jul 2004
problems handling some multiangle disks
in some cases project can't be saved if it was exported before
Version 2.2.2 - 8 Jul 2004
don't clear edited flag after saving project
problems importing some multiangle disks
move "Enable all operations" to the end of DvdTree pane pop-up menus
Version 2.2.1 - 6 Jul 2004
bug comparing streams in original and replacement blocks that can result in application crash
error importing some multiangle disks
don't show angle selection tab if there are no angles or interleaved cells
Version 2.2.0 - 26 Jun 2004
give warning instead of stoping dvd import if there is an incorrect VMG titles table size
Problem saving project if multiangle block was hidden (introduced in 2.1.1)
correcting link commands after hidding/replacing/stripping multiangle block
Version 2.1.3 - 24 Jun 2004
problem with cut cell introduces in 2.1.2
Version 2.1.2 - 23 Jun 2004
DVD export can fail in some rare cases ("check: d_written.amount() > 0 - failed" error)
can't load previously saved project if one of the cells was replaced with cell from standalone VOB file
Version 2.1.1 - 22 Jun 2004
error introduced in 2.1: restore block operations do not work
restore block operations do not work in loaded projects
program can crash after preview of original cell
Version 2.1 - 20 Jun 2004
some changes to "strip angles"
export frame
selected item in list moves to the bottom of the window after disk modifications
Version 2.0.1 - 12 Jun 2004
TMAPI table (for fast forward/backward search) created with errors for some disks
delete temporary files on close
Version 2.0 - 05 Jun 2004
preserve dvd text data
autobypass hidden blocks on DVD export
BlockPreview pane "scroll bar" problem on XP
export directory is not locked after export now
not used assets are released automatically when project is closed
crash previewing last blocks in big titlesets
hide/restore block from the BlockPreview pane
preview original block content for edited blocks
problem with disapearing menu buttons when still menu is in VMG
options dialog
check that destination directory will fit exported disk
disable export into source directory
check for ifo/bup/vob files in destination directory (with clear option)
mark edited blocks
show cell size up to (and to the end from) current position in Block Preview pane
"animate" Domain Preview pane
problem with importing some multiangle disks
"restore blocks" action added to all places where "hide block" can be called
"tips" support: at the moment the only generated tip is by how much disk is larger then specified target size
remember size/position and import/export directories from previous session
"strip angles" action added for VTS items
pre parse whole DVD while importing to have complete dvd navigation information
"hide menu transitions" action for menus
show block playback time in blocks list view
show cell size and playback time in Block Preview
recovering cell information for interleaved cells
show all VMG LUs (VMG could also have menus in different languages)
Version 1.4.6 - 23 Apr 2004

Log of previous releases.