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   DvdReMake Pro development history  

All new features and bug fixes in latest releases are listed below. Please note, this list includes only those changes between the current production release and the previous production release.

Version 3.6.3 - 17 Dec 2007
title operations is not greyd out in VTS titles pop-up menu when no title is selected
"move program up/down" action in "PGC programs" pane pop-up menu
all but first angles are stripped on export in some cases
font size in "button set" tabs
"Open Destination" and "Open Destination in new window" are disabled for some commands in Cell Commands pane
focus jumps back to the source copied PGC, after editing a PGC which was created using "Duplicate" or Copy and Add copied PGC
"Assign to Title" creates record in history log with index of PGC which is off by -1
Data Pool dialog is closed when hover over the button with the mouse pointer
start X/Y is reset to 0 after editing
Version 3.6.2 - 10 Aug 2007
force select button is not selected in debugger when cell starts
navigation timer is incorrectly set when button is auto activated
some multistory disks are handled icorrectly
enforce "compare" part of "Compare -> Set, always link" command
changed language code for hebrew from "he" to "iw"
button size changes after editing button info
Version 3.6.1 - 1 May 2007
incorrect button index shown in message for "auto selected" button in playback state
navigation timer is set incorrectly for "auto selected" button in debugger
debug mode (step/run) is not preserved after "waiting for user" events
preserve playback position if button command does not redirect navigation during playback in debugger
Version 3.6.0 - 18 Apr 2007
incorrect blocks selected after "move blocks left/right" in Domain Content pane
do not offer Break command for selection in command editing dialog for cell & button commands
do not offer LinkProgram and LinkCell commands for selection in command editing dialog in FP domain
allow selection of Link commands without argument only in cell & button commands
check streams and stream to track assignments for "append copied PGC"
require "set" portion of "Set Instruction" as some players have problem executing it otherwise
toolbar to playbach history pane
option to show/hide notes about internal changes to VM in history pane
goto prev/next state with branch instruction
goto prev/next state with user input
"Remote " pane to debugger view with emulation of "Up", "Down", "Left", "Right", "Select", "Title menu", "Root menu", "Prev" and "Next" buttons.
"step" debug mode switches to "run" after cell playback
do not consider PrevPGC linking to self as error
keyboard shortcuts for "copy command", "paste command", "edit", "edit command" for preview pane
items in DvdTree pane are not correctly expanded after "Delete VTS"
reset highlight status if all buttons are deleted
enable "cut to here" for menus with all buttons deleted
"Open destination" and "Open destination in new window" are not enabled in "Buttons" pane for "All modes"
"vmg_title" register (S[4]) not updating in Debug in some cases
"pgc #" register (S[6]) not updating in Debug
import DVD from command line specified directory (could be either directory name or file name of one of the DVD files (.ifo or .vob))
link commands without arguments can only be used in cell commands
Resume command support in DVD debuger
updated list of active beta testers in About box
Version 3.5.3 - 28 Jun 2006
still time is not set to 0 when hiding menu from Preview and DomainContent panes
"link chapter in currrent title" command is not executed correctly in DVD debugger
"paste PGC attributes..." action for PGC items in DVD Tree pane to paste selected PGC items (commands, tracks info, etc)
"remove navigation" action for all items (except titles) in DVD Tree pane (removes all PGC commands)
Version 3.5.2 - 20 Jun 2006
allow set still time for hidden cells
check all vobus in menu cells for buttons (independent from BOV search settings)
export is cancelled without error message pop-up if there is an errorneous info in VMG titles table
import of cells with multiple button sets
time search is disabled for long titles (error in TMAPI)
Version 3.5.1 - 12 Jun 2006
check button box coordinates on OK (instead of when each value is entered)
set highlight end and selection end time to never for "manually" created button set
the secondary preferred settings for subtitles and audio are switched around in player settings dialog
ignore last programs in PGC referring to nonexistent cells
rules to set STC discontinuity flag for PGC cells
cells with multiple button sets are imported incorrectly in some cases
set highlight status flags for "manually" created menus
limit amount of entries in TMAPI to 2048
DVD debugger: Jump title chapter should play pre-commands
Version 3.5 - 04 May 2006
DVD debugger: select default audio based on preferred audio setting if audio track is not set by disk VM commands
DVD debugger: add playback states navigation buttons (first, prev, next, last) to Current Location pane
keyboard accelerator (F10) for "debug step"
select "All modes" tab by default in Buttons pane
do not register DvdReMake project template for ShellNew
program may crash when decoding corrupted video
problems opening project file saved with some previous versions
select "All modes" by default when editing button
significantly increased speed of loading project files
store source files BOV information in project file
sizes are shown incorrectly in some cases in loaded projects with disabled tracks
buttons highlights information may be exported incorrectly in some cases
DVD debugger: support for parental management during playback
DVD debugger: virtual player configuration dialog
Version 3.4.2 - 07 Apr 2006
SPRMs pane in debug view
import of menus with animated highlights
some cells are still marked as interleaved after "split interleaved cells"
menu image is corrupted during "replace with still" in some cases
Version 3.4.1 - 23 Mar 2006
program may crash after editing interleaved cells
consistent behaviour for delete (select item in same position as deleted) when deleting commands and VMG titles
stop cell playback after button activation in debugger
program crashes on Ctrl+V in commands pane if no command is copied yet with Ctrl+C
set breakpoints are not shown in DvdTree pane after editing untill new breakpoint is set
playback of "Jump VMG Title" command in dvd debugger
consequtive multiangle blocks are merged into one block in some cases
mpeg decoder falls into infinite loop in some cases
edited flag for button sets and cells is not saved in project file
double clicking on .drp project file starts program but does not open project
Version 3.4 - 28 Feb 2006
step-by-step DVD debugger (keeps previous steps, supports nav_timer and registers in counter mode)
support for user defined breakpoints and "break rules"
support for debug mode in GUI (can't edit project while debuging; lock undo/redo; menu&toolbar items to start/stop/step/locate).
find loops during playback (if there was a state same as the new one (same registers, etc) then set it as current state and break playback)
problems with playback on some players after convert to still
problems with some multiangle disks after removing all but one angle
program may hang if playback of a cell is started while playing another cell
Ctrl+A selection in Domain Content pane
verify if command is allowed in the domain when searching for errors
"delete all PGCs" does not correct referenced titles
Version 3.3.2 - 31 Jan 2006
multistory DVDs are exported incorrectly in some cases when stories have different amount of cells
problems replacing background with still image when cell has more then one button set
button to minimize project window is disabled
check (and show as error if needed) PGC title assignment
can't reassign PGC to another title in some cases
some controls are not placed correctly in Select Folder dialog on some platforms
problems during playback of cells edited with "replace with still" or "convert to still" in some cases
TMAP is generated in some cases for PGCs in multiPGC titles
Version 3.3.1 - 05 Jan 2006
erroneous message for "force action button"
delete title does not correct PGC-Title assignments
show VMG title index for each title in Titles view
Version 3.3 - 22 Dec 2005
preserve entry PGC flag and title in PGC category during import (DvdReMake was breaking (part of) navigation for some disks)
problem with playback of cells converted to still on some players
"highlight end" and selection times are imported incorrectly when they are set to "never" in vob file
"assign to title" action for PGCs in VTS domain (in DvdTree pane)
"set entry PGC" and "assign PGCs" actions for Title (in Titles pane)
show warning if exported VTS is large than 9Gb
incorrect available space calculations for HD disks mounted as folders
delete PGC does not remove unreferenced interleaved cells
problems editing "highlight end" and selection times in some cases in Buttons Set Attributes dialog ("never" is shown now as "99:59:59")
set currently selected buttons group as default when editing button from "Buttons" pane
apply edited button command to currently selected group when editing button command from "Buttons" pane
"Goto Destination" for Title jumps to entry PGC for the title (not to first chapter PGC)
show PGCs assigned to VTS Title in VTS Title view (entry PGC is marked with <>)
mark entry PGCs (in DvdTree pane) with small green arrow
mark PGCs with cells/programs with "film" icon in DvdTree pane
show title to which PGC is assigned in DvdTree pane
generate time maps (TMAP) only for sequential PGCs in singlePGC titles
error correcting link commands in "delete all PGCs"
Version 3.2.2 - 2 Nov 2005
edit button set attributes is not activated from Buttons pane
strip angles item in pop-up menu is always disabled
disable all tracks in all PGCs in a domain when all blocks are deleted in the domain
multi-track delete (delete all audio/sub tracks from selected)
first track is selected after add/delete track
Version 3.2 - 31 Oct 2005
one-click "bypass menu" action for menu buttons (hides menu and modifiys navigation to behave like specified button is selected automatically)
stop preview playback before disk operations (import/export disk and save/load projects)
log&history panes "dissapear" on second program start
delete/insert command does not set edited flag
"Enable all operations" does not enable them in VOBUs in some cases
reworked docking panes mechanizm
"Reset layout" reset panes layout in all (not just in active) views to default layout
problem merging DVDs recorded by Sony DVD camcorders (direct usage of vmg_title register)
more illustrative docking in "Studio 2005"-like mode
program hangs while editing if there is PGC with more than 256 cells
check all PGCs (not just listed in titles) for angles
do not allow more then: 255 cells in PGC, 99 programs in PGC, 999 chapters in Title, 99 TitleSets, 99 Titles when editing disk
wrong item is selected in VMG Titles pane after editing title
shortcuts for "Insert Block", "Insert program", "Delete Block", "Delete Program" and "Delete program with blocks(s)" actions in PGC Programs pane
option in Options/Format dialog to show/hide button set attributes info in Buttons pane
"Edit button set attributes..." item to popup menus in Preview and Buttons panes
add "Duplicate" action for PGC and LU items in DVD Tree pane (creates new PGC/LU that reuses same blocks as original)
ability to pause I/O operations
attempt to import from VIDEO_TS sub folder when import is cancelled
"All modes" tab in Buttons pane
Shift+Space(Dbl_Click) on button in Preview pane to edit button command for all groups (without SHIFT Button editing dialog is opened)
Shift+Space(Dbl_Click) on button in Buttons pane to edit button command for selected group (without SHIFT Button editing dialog is opened)
"Del" shortcut for PGC/PGCs/VTS/LU items in DvdTree pane (delete selected item)
select item near deleted in DvdTree pane instead of parent item
crash when right-clicking in DvdTree pane on VTS that has titles pointing to deleted PGCs
DvdTree pane looses focus after some editing actions
highlight invalid commands and commands not allowed in particular domain
adjust force select & force action (if needed) when renumbering/deleting menu buttons
show buttons segment attributes (start/end highlight time, force select/action info) in Buttons pane
edit buttons segment attributes
allow "add copied" menu PGC to VTS and vise versa
Version 3.1.4 - 20 Sep 2005
select PAL/NTSC format of VTS with start-up menu in merged disk coherent with the rest of the disk
LinkTailPgc commands in all commands in start-up menus pool
reused cells are counted more then once when PGC size is computed
correct destination of "goto" in inserted command if it points to command after inserted
importing DVD from folder above VIDEO_TS gives errors
modify destination of "goto" when pasting/adding/inserting copied commands
editing mode is not preserved between sessions
"Delete all PGCs" action to Program Chains item in DVD Tree
Version 3.1.3 - 16 Aug 2005
pop-up command editing dialog on "Insert Command"
"hide menu transitions" action for DVD, VMG and VTS items in DvdTree pane
"convert menus to still" action for DVD, VMG and VTS items in DvdTree pane
change pop-up menus layout for VMG, VTS, PGC items in DvdTree pane for consistency
popup menu to enter button # when editing "Set highlighted button" command
convert blocks selected in Domain Content pane to still does not do anything
Version 3.1.2 - 10 Aug 2005
search for DVD files in VIDEO_TS subdirectory if import from specified directory fails
size of PGC with interleaved blocks is reported incorrectly in Dvd Tree pane
SPRM can't be used as left operand in condition
pop-up command editing dialog on "Add Command"
popup menu to enter button # in command editing dialog
error saving project containing blocks replaced with still background in some cases
Version 3.1.1 - 4 Aug 2005
show adjacent buttons in Buttons pane
"lost" buttons (buttons that can't be navigated to) in some cases after hide/delete button
streams info for domain is not modified in some cases when blocks are replaced
copy/paste video/audio/subs tracks info
allow all LUs deletion in advanced editing mode
info about selected audio stream is not updated in block preview pane in some cases
set PUOPs and edit color table actions are not reflected in History pane and can't be undone
mark "goto line" comand pointing to itself as error (such a command will result in an infinite loop)
a delay before buttons appear in menu converted to still in some cases
Version 3.1 - 21 Jul 2005
convert cell to still: preview cell to select frame to be used as still, right-click and "convert to still". It keeps audio and subs (can be removed as usual) and original duration of the cell (in most cases).
hidden buttons are not automatically "forwarded" to nonhidden button in some cases
crash when "don't keep" undo/redo option is selected
keep found "skiped blanks position" to avoid searching next time block is shown in Domain Content pane
if SHIFT is hold while copying PGC/VTS (in DvdTree pane) it is added to the clippoard (instead of owervriting what was there); add copied PGC/VTS will add all copied so far items
copy/paste blocks in DomainContent pane (supports multiple selection; paste is allowed only when selected blocks amount is the same as amount of previously copied blocks; selected blocks are replaced one-by-one; even multiangle blocks can be replaced this way)
show edited block size (instead of original) in Domain Content pane
show edited block size (instead of original) in Preview pane
"Convert menus to still" action for Language Unit (menus) in DVD Tree pane: hides menus without buttons, converts menus with buttons (not yet converted) to still
"Replace with still" action (can be invoked from Block Preview pane): replaces block video with selected frame
edited flag is not set in some places after disabling/editing audio/sub tracks (affects "update export")
Version 3.0.7 - 8 Jul 2005
use yellow highlights in default start-up menu for merged disks to improve visibility of selected button
select new file location while opening saved project if needed file was not found
problems with start-up menu of merged disk when in Auto PS/LB mode
scroll bar position in Domain Content pane after editing
small GUI bug with playback controls in Preview window on some systems
Version 3.0.6 - 24 Jun 2005
scroll bar in Domain Content pane is not updated after switching to another domain
Version 3.0.5 - 22 Jun 2005
first block is shown in Preview pane after editing even when another one is selected in Domain Content pane
program does not import following title sets (even if they are good) after titleset with missing vob files
some actions invoked with shortcuts in Commands pane may be applied to wrong items in some cases
restrict amount of listed errors to 20 in tooltip window
significantly speed up disk import (especially for discs with large amount of VTSs)
"Add Program" shortcut for Programs pane is changed from "Ctrl+Shift+P" to "P"
"Add Block" shortcut for Programs pane is changed from "Ctrl+Shift+B" to "B"
Version 3.0.4 - 20 Jun 2005
problem with selection synchronisation in different PGC view panes introduced in 3.0.2
"Add Command" shortcut for Commands pane is changed from "Ctrl+A" to "C"
"Add Title" shortcut for VTS Titles pane is changed from "Ctrl+Shift+T" to "T"
"Add Chapter" shortcut for VTS Titles pane is changed from "Ctrl+Shift+C" to "C"
add "Del" shortcut for "Delete Chapter" in VTS Titles pane
"Add Title(s)" shortcut for VMG Titles pane is changed from "Ctrl+Shift+T" to "T"
added chapter is not selected after "Add Chapter" in VTS Titles pane
added title is not selected after "Add title" in VTS Titles pane
support for multiple selection in PGC Subpicture Tracks, PGC Audio Tracks and Domain Content panes
"Select All" is added to Commands, VMG Titles, Programs, PGC Subpicture Tracks, PGC Audio Tracks and Domain Content panes (shortcut Ctrl+A)
Version 3.0.3 - 17 Jun 2005
crash deleting last program in PGC
hide info overlay in Preview pane while F6 is pressed
hide info overlay in Domain Content pane while F6 is pressed
don't set PUOPs for PGC blocks when "Set Prohibited Operations" is done for PGC
Version 3.0.2 - 16 Jun 2005
support for multiple selection in PGC Programs pane
paint background under button # to improve its visibility
support for multiple selection in VMG titles pane
selection behaviour with right clicks and multiple selection actions for Commands pane
command before added is selected after "add command" action
restrict minimal window size to 640x480
condition and link can't be used together in "System Set" commands
use puops not only from first nav-pack
problem with FF, FR after split cell
"download user manual", "visit forum" and "download latest version" links in Help menu
option to turn off info in preview window
Version 3.0.1 - 30 May 2005
crash previewing disks recorded with some DVD recorders
small GUI fixes (spelling errors)
Ctrl+M shortcut key does not work
modifications to keyboard shortcuts processing (for StickyKeys)
show blocks size in Domain Content pane
unable to use "cut to here" on the remaining angle (after strip angles)
crash deleting chapter pointing to already deleted PGC
"Preview original" dialog title
do not allow SPRM as left operand in conditional part of "Special Insturction" commands
crash if PGC refers to non-existing audio track
Version 3.0 - 15 May 2005
edit subpicture track info
edit video attributes
add subpicture track
edit audio track info
add audio track
registry clean up support when switching between versions.
ability to export for demo version (each scene is clipped at 15 seconds).
allow SetParentalLevel only in VMG
change "programs" to "cells" in PGC extras dialog and in PGC extras view (random and shuffle play by cells, not by programs)
crash merge DVDs without a single LU in VMG
merge up to 4 dvds in DvdReMake Pro
navigation in merged start-up DVDs menu. Should be easier to replace menu now (no need to copy paste buttons commands - all buttons in menu have same command: LinkTailPGC).
new graphics for merged disks start-up menu
set part of the SetCLnk, etc must be present
Don't show "group tabs area" in Buttons pane if there is no buttons
new ComputerID and related changes for v3
crash if incorrect button link index in vob file
Options Dlg: constrain amount of project revisions stored for undo/redo (setting to "don't keep" is preferred speedwise - no state copies are created)
resize items in Options dialog when its size changes
don't add empty LU when there are no LUs in VMG or VTS
"add LU" for VMG/VTS
Reminder to examine the log if there were problems (errors or warnings) during an operation (import, export, etc)
use 3 sec step (instead of 5 sec) for TMAPI for long (>45 min) PGCs
show "wait cursor" when program is busy
options dialog split into two tabs
select button links docking position in Options menu
turn on/off "show items size", "errors", "PGCs using block" in Options Dialog (to increase DRM "responsivness" on disks like Garfield)
delete last audio/sub track
remove "animate" related stuff
much faster items insertion into tree (O(1) instead of O(N))
cache some data for faster access to some dvd info
edit PGC audio track
edit PGC subpicture track
show what button will be highlighted if corresponding arrow is pressed for selected button; there are actually 3 different ways implemented to show the arrows: docked in the center, dock to the inside/outside of the button border.
use "SetParentalLevel" instead of "SetTmpPML"
preserve Parental Management info
"remove parental management" action for DVD/VMG/VTS removes PM masks and replaces all SetParental Level commands with corresponding goto)
export modified files only
add chapters to empty title
show selected button in preview pane
show selected button's "neighbours" (left/right/up/down)
add Collapse/Expand All to VTS titles pane
update progress more often while reading saved project
enable cancel while reading saved project
left/right/up/down buttons navigation in Preview pane
reorder buttons in menu (move up/down action in Buttons Pane) (does not change anything "outside", i.e. no changes for highligh_button in commands)
data read related modifications to improve speed
code optimization for speed (throught the program)
in some cases vob files go through "recover" procedure again while opening saved project (which was recovered on import)
show rotating "light" while searching for streams sizes
just warn on incorrect block header (instead of error)
show whether stream/track size is estimated with (est)
start/stop search of the exact stream sizes on request (in the background)
popup menu for log window with "Copy to clipboard" (if nothing is selected in the log will copy everything)
minimize main window while importing
audio/sub stream selection in Domain Content Preview
disable auido/sub track for PGC
bunch of changes to overcome MS bug with exeptions (can't cancel)
log program activity into log window as well as file
show streams/tracks size (size is not exact! just an estimate)
show DVD size after streams stripping (size is not exact! just an estimate)
strip audio/sub streams not used in VTS from vob file
delete all streams from audio track (disables this track in all associated PGCs; this will result in streams from this track being removed from vob files during export.)
delete all streams from subpicture track
"skip blank frames" in the background - switching between domains is way faster now, especially for large domains and small preview thumbnails
don't check nonessential values in VMG_MAT table
ignore last program if it points to cell 0
export of disks with complex interleaved cells
"Buttons" pane for PGC view
show vob file stream#(and substreem# when needed) in DomainContent audio and subpicture panes
show Blocks info in Blocks pane (program#, cell#, etc)
problems with editing buttons coordinates
icon for blocks/pgcs with buttons
show ausio/sub stream IDs selected for preview
audio tracks pane for Domain Content preview
subpicture tracks pane in Domain Content pane
auto hide for all internal panes (greatly helps with cleaning up layout)
show only subpicture streams applicable to current domain display mode in subpicture panes
video info pane for domain
highlight destination of goto commands
show amount of buttons in each block in Doman Content Pane
show pgcs and pgc blocks with buttons
move Domain Content pane to docable window (can have both horizontal and vertical orientation)
"goto PGC" in domain content pane
Blocks pane in PGC view
mouse wheel support for Domain Content & PGC Blocks Pane
restore/save/load layout
PGC audio tracks view
PGC subpicture tracks view
SetSTN command printing
SetSTN dialog in Command Editing dialog (should be much clearer now what the command does)
fast forward/rewind in preview pane
selecting audio/sub track in corresponding PGC pane sets corresponding audio/sub stream for playback
show display mode (instead of "group X") for button groups
display video/subs in preview using mode specified for current domain (normal 4:3 or wide 16/9 )
"open destination" for PrevPGC/NextPGC/GoUpPGC
check and show error (if needed) for PrevPGC/NextPGC/GoUpPGC/PGC playback mode
edit PGC "extras"
delete VMG title
delete VTS title
delete VTS title with Program Chains (PGCs used in other titles in this VTS are not deleted)
delete chapter
behaviour of "delete command" has changed (actually in B12) deletion of the goto destination line will make GOTO command point to invalid line and highlight it with red
delete VTS
insert block into PGC (insert new block in front of selected)
delete block from PGC
delete program from PGC
delete program with block(s) from PGC
move block left/right in Domain Content Pane (moves block on the disk as well, since blocks are shown in the same order as they are(will be) located on the disk)
delete PGC
skip blank frames in main Preview as well
crash if VMG titles contain link to incorect VTS or title in VTS
default directories for import/export/test export can be set from Options
resizable options dialog
playback control buttons
"tear off" + dockable PGC info panes (programs, pre/post/cell commands, CLUT, extras): can be positioned on the screen in any way user likes
user selectable font for program interface (from Options Dialog); tables headers use slightly "bolder" font, info data (text on green) slightly smaller
different UI Themes have different "controls skins" (changes how checkboxes/radio buttons/groups in the dialogs looks like)
subpictures preview
audio preview
it is possible to use Tab to switch between controls in Command Editing Dialog
more then 128 commands in PGC can be created using copy/paste
show/hide/place along different borders options for ProjectsTab bar
independent docking mechanism selection via menu
menu animation selection via menu
switch Skip Balnk Frames mode on toolbar and in Options dialog
preserve state (maximized/normal) of the project window between sessions
tabs to switch between projects (shown only when there are two and more projects )
customizable interface, UI theme can be selected in View/UI theme menu
history pane with editing states and "jumps"
show DVD navigation errors (coloring corresponding line in red and assigning tooltip message to it with explanation what is wrong) for: pre, post, cell commands panes; VMG titles pane; VTS titles pane; DVD Tree pane
"progress bar" showing how far into cell SkipBlankFrames went (for frames in Domain Content preview pane)
verify VMG titles before export to avoid program crash on broken ifo files
"Open Destination in new window" where applicable ( Ctrl+Shift+Space or Ctrl+Shift+DblClick)
batch export ("Export All" under File menu)
Expand/Collapse All for items that have "childrens" in DvdTree Pane
preserve edited flag when opening previously saved project
undo/redo "goto destination"
add PGC in VTS automatically creates Program in the PGC
do not allow to add cells/programs to First Play
allow NextPGC, PrevPGC, GoUpPGC only in VTS domain PGCs
"Open destination" items to pop-up menus where applicable
new video decoder, works with interlaced video
video in Domain Content pane is analyzed to skip straight to something meaningfull even if first frames of the block are blank
"Open Destination" actions for buttons, commands, VMG title, VTS title chapter (Ctrl + Space or Ctrl + Dbl Click will take to the destination of the command)
Version 2.6.7 - 23 Feb 2005

Log of previous releases.