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Users say:
I use your tool quite often. It is the simplest way for me change the tab order on a menu since my regular DVD authoring software does not have that feature. Thanks

Why: .ifo files have references to the data in .vob files. When .vob file is modifiyed it is necessary to adjust tables in corresponding .ifo file.
Tools: IfoEdit.
Please notice that this can be done easier nowdays with DvdReMake program

Let us assume you've edited VTS_XX_Y.VOB file, then corresponding .ifo file is VTS_XX_0.IFO. If it was VIDEO_TS.VOB then you need to correct VIDEO_TS.IFO.

1. Start IfoEdit and open .ifo file corresponding to the edited .vob file from your VIDEO_TS directory;
2. If you have edited menu vob file hit "Menu Extras" otherwise "VOB Extras";
Note: make sure you make right selection, or IfoEdit will not do what we want it to do.
3. In either case make sure that you have checked "Strip VobID's", "Correct Vob-Unit ...", "Correct original IFO files.";
Note: We are not planning to strip anything, but "Strip VobID's" is necessary to force IfoEdit to update all needed tables.
4. Select directory where you want to store new .ifo/.bup files;
5. Uncheck "AutoCopy Menu-files to destination.";
6. "OK";
7. "Check all";
8. Make sure "Correct IFO tables" is checked;
9. "Strip it";
10. Copy .ifo, .bup and if needed .vob (see note) files created by IfoEdit back to your VIDEO_TS directory;
Note: MenuEdit does correct navigation info in the vob file it is working with. So when you replace/delete cells in menu vob everything is fine (it is just one file); when you modify movie vob and there are some more vob file(s) in this title set after modifyed - they will not get corrected. Then it is necessary to copy VOB files created by IfoEdit as well.
11. Do not forget to do "Get VTS Sectors" on ifo files in your VIDEO_TS directory when you are done with all titlesets.