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   What you are missing with unregistered version  
Actual video content of the cell as the menu background. As a matter of fact any cell (with or without menu) can be previewed.

Command editing. Almost all commands allowed in menus are supported!

Automatic jump to one of the unhidden buttons. This will help you avoid questions like:
I found out that replacing the command with NOP doesn't work in my standalone, it just sits there waiting forever if it's a still menu. I only get control back if we're in a loop menu, when the loop restarts. As it worked perfect in PowerDVD I thought a NOP was safe ... is this normal?
If you keep an original command you will run into similar problem.

Ability to export/import menu buttons. With this you can easily move buttons between menus - very handy if you change menu graphics.

You will not see this dialog! MenuEdit will process all groups of buttons. This will ensure that you will not get into situation like this:
Previously I was using the direct edit trick in Vobedit to disable button's (setting all the attributes to 0) and editing button navigation (by changing the hex values directly and copying from the previous buttons hex value). After much time messing around I finally got all the buttons I wanted disabled/edited working correctly on the PC player. I nearly chucked my settop out the window when I found that ALL the disabled buttons still worked! Having tried this app - all the buttons now disable on the PC and settop - success!

There are weird people and there are weird menus. Some may have different amount of buttons throughout the cell. Unregistered version can't treat them correctly.

Easily change color scheme of the menu.