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Users say:
First off, allow me to express my gratitude for your excellent product. Iíve bought it several months ago, and enjoyed it ever since ... even though Iím still learning how to use its various features. L D

  MenuEdit how-to guides

Remove intro/logo/warning screens.

Delete not used cells/vobs.

  MenuEdit forum

MenuEdit forum - the place if you want to discuss how MenuEdit operates, report a bug or suggest a feature you would like to have added to the program.

  Other sources of DVD info

mpucoder site Very good site with detailed technical information about DVD. Series of MPUCoder's articles will broaden your understanding of how DVDs work.
doom9 site The forum to ask your technical questions about DVD. Wealth of knowledge and incredible concentration of experienced in this subject people.
CD Freaks site Site dedicated to optical storage related technology. Website is updated daily with the latest news, but also has background articles and reviews as well as large forum to discuss CD and DVD related issues.