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Users say:

I just purchased your DvdReMake PRO and wanted to write to tell you how thrilled I am about this software. I have just gone through 2 days of pain trying virtually every program that I could find until I found yours and I thought, nah I can probably still figure this out without it. 48 hours later with a deadline in 5 hours with no hope of getting a remotely decent re-authored DVD for a meeting with the government that my company is having first thing in the AM. Out of desperation I download your program crossing my fingers....

10 minutes later. Finished. Beautiful. So intuitive that your one paragraph email told me all that I needed to know and I figured the rest out without even having the manual. I can't believe it. What a spectacular program. Talk about the best invested $50 of my life....

My recommendations to anyone looking for a top of the line re-authoring software that takes the pain out of this relatively complicated task.

Many thanks. Darius

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