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WARNING! Being not a specialist on kids hygiene we don't know if it is safe for kids/babies to "work" with computer.

If you know more about this please let us know.

   Download KBang  

Release - Version 1.1.2
Download KBang [11 K]

Kbang looks for images in images subdirectory. Just put any image in there. Here is a set of some images with animals you may use:

Download images for KBang [212 K]

To hear sounds each animal makes download file with sounds and unpack into the same directory (so that they are in sounds subdirectory). Map file tells KBang what sounds should be played for each picture and the name of the animal on the picture. Download one in the language you need. You can easily modify this map file to force KBang show names in your preferred language.

Download sounds for KBang [283 K]
Download map file in english [1 K]
Download map file in russian [1 K]

You might need to download and install Microsoft GDI+ library if it is not already installed on your computer.