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   Kids menu  



WARNING! Being not a specialist on kids hygiene we don't know if it is safe for kids/babies to "work" with computer.

If you know more about this please let us know.

   For our small ones  

KBang shows images of different animals and plays corresponding sounds (like meow for cats and bark for dogs) when kid plays with the keyboard.

Donít be afraid that kid will damage your computer, well, may be keyboard itself :-). Program locks keyboard so that kid can't do anything to your computer. To exit the program it is necessary to click in top-left and then in top-right corner of the screen.

This has been tested on WinNT, Win2000 and on XP. It should work on Win98, ME although it was not tested. There is one exception to this. Fn key on laptop's keyboard is not locked. But there is no such key on normal keyboard.


Program is free and you can use it at your own risk, as you understand there is no warranty of any kind.

Feel free to mail us image-sound combinations if you will find some nice ones.