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 DvdReMake Pro

   Available DimadSoft product upgrades  

Registered users of DimadSoft programs can upgrade to the new major version or to the more powerfull program from "My Account" page.

Following table lists all available upgrade options with prices for upgrades via PayPal:

FromToUpgrade price
 DvdReMake v3   DvdReMake Pro v3 $25
 DvdReMake Pro v2    DvdReMake Pro v3   $15
 DvdReMake v2   DvdReMake v3 $5
 DvdReMake v2   DvdReMake Pro v3 $30
 DvdReMake v1   DvdReMake v3 $5
 DvdReMake v1   DvdReMake Pro v3 $30
 MenuEdit v2   DvdReMake Pro v3 $40
 MenuEdit v2   DvdReMake v3 $15

You can also purchase an upgrade from Kagi online store. Kagi offers more payment options but charges more for transactions. All prices for DimadSoft products in Kagi store have an additional $2.00 fee included to cover these expenses.