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New features in
DvdReMake v3.

"One-click" menu bypass

"Customize menu background"

" Put two DVDs to one disk keeping original menus "

Users say:
I'm a registered user of DVDReMake Pro and I have to admit that your job has been absolutely brilliant What has also impressed me is that you constantly try to update it and make it even better! Ioannis Z.

DvdReMake is a simple to use DVD editor designed to improve the quality and appearance of your DVD backups.

Would you miss menus in languages you don't even know? Or may be your backups must have this long 10 minutes credits? Do you enjoy watching same copyright warning in bunch of different languages? What about studio logos and extras with ads of other movies? Do you have to watch commercials recorded by your DVD recorder over and over? Do you really need all these?

If "NO" is the answer to any of these questions then

DvdReMake is the tool for you.

Don't let complexity of the DVD disks and limitations of other DVD copying software affect your choice of what to keep in the backup.

  Main DvdReMake features

With DvdReMake you can easily:

  • Remove unneeded angles from multiangle disks;
  • Remove unneeded audio and subpicture streams;
  • Join two complete DVDs preserving original menus;
  • Disable menu buttons to material you have removed;
  • Bypass language/aspect ratio selection menus;
  • Delete menus for selected language;
  • Cut out credits, embedded studio logos and commercials;
  • Remove warning/rating screens;
  • Remove menu transitions;
  • Convert motion menus and credits to still;
  • Split a DVD into 2 discs (ideal for episodic DVD's);
  • Actually, remove any scene from the disk. No more splitting disks - have what you like on your disk (movie or extra, or even part of this and part of that) with the original menu by simply removing what you don't want to see on the disk;
  • Preview DVD with audio and subpictures playback (MPEG and AC3 audio are supported at the moment);
  • Customize program interface to suit your needs;
  • Remove Parental Management constrains on VTS level (or for whole disk);
  • Easily see what you have edited and Undo/Redo changes;
  • Prepare multiple disks and export them all in one go.

And yet there is more DvdReMake will do for you. Its unique "autobypass" feature will automatically change disk navigation to eliminate pauses in playback by "jumping over" the removed parts of the dvd directly to material you want to see. "Skip Blanks" will analyze video and automatically skip straight to something meaningfull so that you can easily identify what is on the disk and decide whether you want to keep it or not.

In many cases your disk will fit nicely into DVD5 after your remove all unneeded material. But even if it is still too large and it is necessary to transcode/re-encode the disk you will have to use much lower compression ratio to reach the goal:

Make a perfect DVD5 backup of your DVD disk.

If DvdReMake functionality is not enough for your needs, consider using DvdReMake Pro .