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Users say:
Wow!! What a great tool [DvdReMake] for stripping unwanted stuff when backing up DVD's. It only took a few minutes to figure out the interface (using the guide at dimadsoft.com) and it worked superbly. timmyp

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To recreate original PGC1 on merged disk we have to append all the programs from disk2/VTS1/PGC1 to disk1/VTS1/PGC1.

It is possible, but it is a "labor intensive" way. At the moment DvdReMake Pro does not merge PGCs and we would have to manually add needed amount of programs and then "populate" them with blocks from disk2/VTS1/PGC1 using "replace block" action on each program. Note: "Append copied PGC" action is available now in DvdReMake Pro. By appending programs instead of putting them into separate PGC you avoid listed below limitations and simplify the task: there is no need for next step ("Correct playback") since appended programs will be played automatically.

Actually it is not that bad, but lets be lazy (i.e. smart). What we can do easily in DvdReMake is to copy/paste PGC between disks, so lets use this. Idea is to have second part of the movie in separate PGC, and change navigation in such a way that this new PGC will be played after PGC1.

Of course this method has some drawbacks:

  • some players may have a slight pause going from first part (PGC1) to the second part;
  • fast forward/backward and next/previous chapter operations will not work across different program chains.

But it does not sound too bad considering how much efforts we will save.

So, select disk2/VTS1/PGC1 right click and "copy PGC":

Switch to disk1, select VTS1/Program Chains, right click on it and "add copied PGC":

Now we've got new PGC (14) in the VTS1 with the second part of the movie:

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