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"Customize menu background"

"Put two DVDs to one disk keeping original menus"

"Insert chapter into DVD movie keeping menus"

   Information about DvdReMake Pro  
Users say:
Time is money... For its intented purposes, I find DvdReMake Pro has no peers (free or otherwise). Its easy to use and takes much less of my time. Each release has added new features and more are planned. I mean you can build a house with an hand made stone ax, but a $50 power saw makes it a lot faster AND does a better job....Oldeman

  User Manual

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 EnglishEnglish  v3.1.3  
 ItalianItalian  v3.1.3  
 FrenchFrench  v3.0.4  

  DvdReMake Pro how-to guides

"The dummies guide to a perfect DVD backup" - an easy and fun to read guide covering basic DvdReMake Pro functionality (which is the same as in DvdReMake) in details. At the moment only first 5 chapters are available. But more are coming...

"Customize menu background" .

"Remove language or aspect ratio selection menu" .

"Add "Insert Disk 2" screen into split DVD" .

"Merge previously split DVDs" .

"Insert chapter into DVD movie keeping menus" .

"One-click" dvds merging - Starting with v 2.6 DvdReMake Pro can be used to merge 2 full dvds. This means FULL - keeping original menus, languages, everything.

"Bypassing hidden cells" .

  DvdReMake Pro forum

DvdReMake Pro forum - the place to discuss how DvdReMake Pro operates, report a bug or suggest a feature you would like to have added to the program.

  Other sources of DVD info

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