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   Merge Previously Split DVDs - Step 4: Correct chapters  
Users say:
Yours seems to be the only program on the planet that actually does what it says it does! I use DVD Remake PRO to literally re-make DVDs. /William

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When IfoEdit split the original disk it kept all the chapters on disk1 (to keep menu navigation valid). All the chapters before the split point (between chapters 27 and 28) point to the same programs as they pointed into original. All other chapters (starting with 28) point to the last available on disk1 program (27). We have to change chapters to point to right programs in PGC14.

It is quite straightforward, but there is one thing we need to be careful about: not all PGC programs have to be chapters. It is possible to have, say 10 programs in PGC, and only 5 (for example) chapters. But it is not the case with our disk:

As we can see there are no gaps in program #'s on the second disk.

So we select VTS1/Titles1 and go through all chapters that require changes. Simply double click (or right click and "edit chapter") and change PGC/Program combination to point to the new program in new PGC.

We will have something like this after we are done with all chapters.

That is it. We are done merging two quite complex multiangle split disks. Now you can export disk and burn it with your favorite DVD burner (well in this particular case resulted disk is larger then DVD5, so you will have to do something about it, unless you have dual layer burner).