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   DvdReMake Pro Interface - DVD Tree Pane  

Provides access to various items of DVD hierarchy. "Size" column shows size of the selected item including all its subitems. Size is given in Mb (1Mb = 1024Kb = 1024 * 1024 bytes = 1048576 bytes)

Items shown in Dvd Tree pane depend on current view mode: Easy or Advanced. Mode can be switch either using toolbar or “View” menu.

In Easy mode only major dvd domains are shown in DvdTree pane: Video Manager (VMG) and Video Title Sets (VTS) with their menus.

In Advanced mode detailed information about all dvd domains is presented.

View of the Dvd Tree pane in easy mode   View of the Dvd Tree pane in advanced mode

  Available actions

Right click on the tree item brings up a menu. List of available actions depends on the clicked item, but some actions are common for many items:

Enable prohibited operationsTODO
Hide all blocksReplace block with blank "stock" block - a block which has only few blank frames.

In addition to above-mentioned actions following actions are available for these items:

  VTS Menu specific actions

Delete menuDelete menus for selected language. All blocks which are not used by menus left in this VTS will be removed.